Your Trusted HVAC Contractor in Galveston County, TX

Depend on us to repair or maintain your heating and cooling system

Cowboy Cooling is a trusted local HVAC company with a long list of satisfied clients throughout the Galveston County, TX area. We're committed to offering top-notch heating and cooling services, including repair, maintenance and new installation services. Whether you want to extend the life span of your unit or upgrade to a more efficient system, we're here to help.

Reach out to us now to learn about our unbeatable protection plan. As a part of the plan, we'll waive all service fees and offer 10% off replacements, 20% off repairs and 30% off extensive maintenance.

HVAC maintenance is a great way to lower your energy bills. But it can also save you time and money by:

  • Extending the life span of your HVAC system
  • Preventing inconvenient HVAC issues
  • Improving your overall indoor air quality
To learn more about the benefits of the protection plan we offer in Galveston County, TX, call 281-678-8488 today.